Why Continuing Education for Professional Tax Practitioners?

Former IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman conducted a six-month study in 2009 focusing on Tax Preparer Standards. The result of that study, which probed all segments of the income tax preparation industry, was the development of "uniform and high ethical standards of conduct for tax preparers." The goal was to reduce tax fraud, unethical business practices, preparation error & incompetence, and increase compliance with the tax code and filing procedures.

Anyone thinking of launching a career in the income tax preparation industry should undergo education and training in that field, in addition to any other educational or degree accomplishments obtained. Such training will equip you with the fundamentals of tax preparation, the proper forms to use, filing requirements & options, and how to research information to help you answer & resolve the tax questions and issues you might face in serving your clients. You will learn the basic skills necessary to offer tax practitioner services for individual 1040 clients, small business taxpayers, and even corporate customers; from the simple tax return to the most complex. Even more important, you will present the kind of credibility to enhance confidence in your clients.

Initial training is important, but continuing education is equally important as the tax laws are constantly changing from year to year, requiring new forms and filing procedures. Credible tax professionals must remain current in an understanding of these changes in order to accurately serve their clients. As a tax professional, you have a responsibility to yourself and to your clients for developing & maintaining a clear understanding of your business.

Continuing education provides you with a competitive advantage in your market which results in an increase of your business and cash flow. Displaying your certificates of completion will reveal your professional credibility to your customers, influencing them to recommend you to others who may choose you over competitors not so obviously credentialed. You will lessen the likelihood of errors which may cost you penalties, interest and a valued customer, not to mention a tainted business reputation. Your own confidence and peace of mind as a true professional is also something not to take lightly!

Tax Schools of America provides courses that give you this kind of knowledge base and application. We are constantly developing and adding courses of study that keep up with the changing laws, codes, procedures and trends in the tax industry. We remain a reliable and effective resource for your expanding business.